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Music Not Impossible

I recently stumbled upon this video about an awesome project: a tactile harness with various vibrating parts designed to experience music “physically”. Watch the video of the story here:

Although designed with the Deaf and hard of hearing in mind, I find this a really awesome idea for anyone. I think anyone who loves music might be interested into experience it on an even more intensive level. I would be very curious to try this out đŸ™‚

Sound of my Hearing Loss

At my talk at 28c3, I played a couple of sound files to show my audience how I hear.

The original file is a song “Sad Robot” by “Pornophonique“.

Sad robot (original)

This version has the high frequencies removed, which is typical for a hearing loss.

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies)

Additionally, I have a nasty tinnitus sound in the frequency range which is affected by my hearing loss. The following file has this sampled in. Since the tinnitus sound is similar to a feedback loop’s sound, you are advised not to play it too loud, because it could destroy audio equipment.

Sad robot (with hearing loss of high frequencies and tinnitus added)

The tinnitus sound is taken from a website which provides a collection of typical tinnitus noises: