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This website is about the hackandhear project. In this project we explore technology around hearing, hearing aids and hearables. We write about interesting articles, projects, developments and hacking projects.

About the Author

Hi, it’s me, Helga. I am in my 40ies, living in Munich with my husband, cats and snake. In my day life, I am a software engineer at Google.

I am hard of hearing since about 2008. The cause of my hearing loss has been undiagnosed so far. The project hackandhear is a hobby project of mine.

I love technology and I think the tech in hearing aids is fascinating and should be celebrated more. Also, I think very many interesting aspects are not communicated openly and it is hard as a user of hearing aids to learn about what is inside the devices that you wear everyday.

Unfortunately, the hearing aid industry has room for improvement when it comes to open standards, open source and open interfaces. As a hearing aid user, I would love to have more control of the technology that I wear on my body every day.

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If you like what you see here, you are invited to support the project. So far it is a hobby project and was started without any financial interest. Nevertheless, running the server with this website comes with costs. If you want to support that this project can continue and grow, please have a look at the page Contact and Support. Thank you!

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  1. I love this blog already. I just read through it and I have some comments to add later. To me this blog is a breath of fresh air and way past due.

  2. I have wanted to get much needed hearing aids for many years. Does anyone know where in the Boston area would I Find an audiologist that would work with me as as making adjustments on hearing aid I didn’t buy from him. I plan on buying a pair of Embrace hearing aids I live in the Boston area.

    Thanks in Advance..


  3. Keep up the good work ! The hearing aid, hearing loss and audiology fields are ripe for disruption. We need cures for hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis.. We need better and cheaper hearing aids….We need to de-stigmatize these conditions and hearing aids….

  4. Love the blog. I have been heard of hearing all my life and finally I am thinking of getting hearing aids. I never qualified, but I am struggling more and more. And like in highschool I feel left out a lot. Currently I am living in Berlin. I see that you are German. 🙂 And CCC is super cool. I am a software engineer by profession. I generally can get by without hearing too much. But over the years it has been hard. I am now going to negotiate the German Health care system to get some aids. I am nervous, at the same time looking forward to listenting to all that I missed before. Not that I care being hard of hearing, but people are so impatient and don’t repeat. Keep up the good work. And if you need a co-aid hacker let me know. 🙂

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