This and that

Yeah, yeah, long time now see. I am still around. 🙂 Here are some interesting things I picked up here and there:

  • Frank Swain – Meet the Cyborgs (Podcast), 30min
    Frank at some point faced hearing loss, got hearing aids and then took it from here. Today he can hear Wifi-signals. Interesting podcast about him and other people who turned their disability into some crazy ability.
  • Not about hearing, but nice story about a little girl who gets an ear prothesis 3D-printed.
  • An application that might make hearing aids popular among the general public: in-ear piece that does real-time language translations.
  • Love this article about a lady ‘modding’ hearing aids to look pretty. Nothing to be ashamed of!
  • Deep Learning arrived in hearing aids (although admittedly I thought that happened a while ago …)
  • Have you ever wondered how sign language works in a technical environment? What if there is no sign for “DDOS attack”? This article tells you (unfortunately only in German).
  • Finally a plan to transmit train station announcements to hearing aids (article in German).
  • Oticon introduces first product using “IfThisThenThat” protocol, opening up the market for interesting applications, such as notifying your family when your ears need new batteries (article in German).
  • Olive: an Indiegogo project to produce affordable hearing aids.
  • Last one about visibility: Josh Feldman Had Never Seen a Gay, Deaf Character on TV, So He Made One Himself