28c3 “Bionic Ears” Speakernotes

28c3 "Bionic Ears" Speakernotes

The speaker notes of my talk at 28c3. The images are quite lousy, because the file would have gotten too big otherwise. Please see the pdf with the slides as well.

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  1. My husband showed me your talk on “Hacking Hearing Aids.” Very impressive. I wish I was so savvy

    I’m wondering if you have any information about bone-attached hearing aids. I have profound loss in my left ear and moderate to severe in my right ear. I was “tested” with a baha (cochlear.com) and my test results were very good. However, I am skeptical because it is the same test as I have had for the last 50 years – say the word baseball, say the word northwest. So, it’s very easy for me to get these correct. The documentation about this device is persuasive, but I take your point about public situations have not improved at all. This procedure, they drill a hole in your mastoid bone and insert a post to which you attach the processor. It takes 3 months after the post is put in before you can use the processor, and then the calibration begins.

    Do you know anything about these devices? I have found a users forum and everything seems wonderful.

    Thanks for any information you can tell me.

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